Nine Estate Planning Tips for Children With Special Needs

Written by Lara Levitan on July 29, 2013 in Family Money Estate and financial planning can be daunting, especially if you’re the parent of a child with special needs. These nine steps can help you navigate the process and ensure your child is taken care of even after you’re gone. Being a parent comes with [...] more

How-To Accommodate Special Needs Children on the Playground

Childhood presents many challenges for special needs children, especially on the playground. In today’s society, children need to adapt to circumstances that may pose potential problems for them. Children learn about feelings of belonging, acceptance, and rejection at an early age. Therefore, it has become imperative for educational and recreational institutions to incorporate an inclusive [...] more

Cameras In The Classroom?

As some of you may know, there have been allegations popping up in the news about teachers abusing students with special needs. Three moms from Lubbock, Texas won’t accept that this is happening and are fighting to make it a law to have cameras in all special needs classrooms. Tiffany Pelt from KCBD says, “The [...] more

Congratulations Graduates!

All over the country there are students with special needs accomplishing what some told them and their families they may never do, graduate high school. KSNP loves hearing stories of all those students who prove the non-believers wrong. We found an inspirational story about a young man with cerebral palsy, Trae Caster, who just graduated [...] more

Protection Legislation

Take a look at this quick video and share your thoughts. Should more states be proposing this type of legislation? more

Take A Trip Without Leaving The Room

Anyone that has ever been to a school that includes children with special needs knows that there’s a ton of commotion going on at any given time during the day. Often students can get overwhelmed and need a quiet place to get away from all the noise. KSNP found an article from Education Week by [...] more

Help Them Play!

KSNP believes everyone deserves a park to play in, but unfortunately that’s not possible when it comes to children with special needs. That’s why we love to hear a story like this: According to Adrianne DeWeese from, Independence, MO is in the running for a $25,000 grant from State Farm to help build what they [...] more

Thanks Mom!

As we all know (hopefully), Mother’s Day is this Sunday and moms everywhere will be celebrated because they deserve it! However, KSNP would like to send a special shout out to all those moms of children with special needs. We found a beautiful piece by Jo Ashline from The Orange County Register, “Special kids have [...] more

A New Kind Of Babysitter’s Club

Just like any parent, the parent’s of children with special needs love a break every now and then. For most parents, it’s easy to call a neighbor to come watch the kids, but for parent’s who have children with special needs, it could be more challenging. We found an article that speaks to this point [...] more

Class Time: Integration In School

KSNP found a great discussion from NPR about integrating students with special needs into regular education classrooms. Participants include Claudio Sanchez and Thomas Hehir from Harvard as well as callers. The show is hosted by Jennifer Ludden and is about a half an hour. To listen or read the transcript, visit here. Share your opinions of the [...] more